OtakuSceen Posting to Facebook

OtakuSceen Posting to Facebook.

Welcome to the OtakuScene Posting to Facebook

Did you know that OtakuSceen has a facebook page? I’ve been posting to it quite often.

OtakuScene Facebook PostsIt’s true, I do! After a year and a half after launching this site, I’ve noticed that I’m more active on facebook than on blog posts. How active? Well, I’ve been posting almost every day now. So what I’ve decided to do, is to now have all my facebook posts appear on this site.

This decision was made because most of what I have to share can be covered in only a few sentences. This doesn’t mean that I’ll be closing down this site, far from it. I’ll still be posting blogs from time to time when the size of what I have to share, covers more than what is appropriate in size on facebook.

One advantage to this, for you the reader is that you can view all the posts without having to sign in to facebook. (Although I always would appreciate a, “like” for the page.) Its appearance may appear a little rough at the moment however, I’m in the process of redesigning the site layout.

You can view them by clicking here.

Pierre Licyayo, OtakuScene