Chat using an Anime avatar

FaceRig Screenshot.

If you were shy about video chatting with your own face, how about using another? Why not Chat using an Anime avatar or any other that’s available on FaceRig?

Chat using an Anime avatar with FaceRig.

I was browsing through the winter STEAM sales and going through the “Discover Queue” so I can collect the trading cards for the 2015 winter season. Fortunately, I happened to see this application called FaceRig.

FaceRig allows you to use one of their avatars for video chats or video blogging. It works along with your webcam. The webcam will map your face and send all your facial movements to the avatar in real time! Another feature is that you can also customize the appearance of the avatars as well.

Currently, FaceRig is only available through STEAM however, they are currently working on a mobile version for iOS and Android. They do have development plans for a Mac and Linux version after the mobile version gets released.

For those who are familiar with 3D modeling, you can also make your own avatars as well.

Chat using an Anime avatar as Saitama from One Punch Man.So what about the Anime 2D model at the top of the page? That’s actually an avatar from the Live2D Model DLC. This DLC allows you to use 2D models instead; and just like the 3D models, you can also import your own drawings.

Of course, if that’s too time-consuming, there are already people that made their own designs available for download on the STEAM Workshop. Some designs you can find are, Hatsune Miku, Steve from Minecraft and Saitama from One Punch Man! So now you can chat with an anime avatar.

Okay, now that I got something for my face, I need to work on my voice. Good thing that you can also modify the audio settings in the application, not that I’ve tried in the video.

So far, I’ve made the video you see above and tested it with my girlfriend on Skype.

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